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Canada Cape Breton Island

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CAPE BRETON ISLAND, CANADA. " One can search the world in vain," says an enthusiastic visitor, "for lovelier or happier scenes than meet one everywhere throughout romantic Cape Breton." The thousands of tourists from the United States and from other parts of Canada who visit this favored island every summer will testify that this statement, by one of America's geographical authorities, is not too highly colored. The deeply indented coasts, graceful wooded hills, rich upland pastures, and beautiful lakes and rivers make Cape Breton Island a paradise for sum their Mohammedan mosques and houses built in Asiatic style contrast curiously with the modern buildings and the antiquated fortress at the head of the bay. A chain of beautiful suburbs—some of them popular seaside resorts—stretch west and east of the city. The mean temperature for January is Fahrenheit and for July, A southeast wind which blows in the summer (January) is called the "Cape Doctor" on account of its bracing qualities.

Cape Town carries on an important commerce with Europe; through it passes the greater part of the colony's exports of diamonds and bar gold. The port has been provided with an extensive breakwater as a protection from the northwest gales. It has a white population of about 100,000, with approximately an equal number of colored persons.