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Area of Grate for Construction of Boilers a


AREA OF GRATE FOR CONSTRUCTION OF BOILERS A square foot of grate area will burn different weights of fuel in a given time, according to the nature of the draft. If the boiler can be made of any size, as is the case with many land boilers, a slow rate of combustion with natural draft is used, as it is the most economical. The length of the grate is limited by the distance to which a fireman can throw coal accurately. Usually 6 or 7 feet is the limit. In locomotive, torpedo boat and in some vertical land boilers, the size of grate is limited ; in order to get the necessary work from the boiler, forced draft is used and the rate of combustion increases to over 100 pounds per square foot per hour. In Lancashire boilers, with two internal flues, the breadth is limited. The rate of combustion is stated in pounds per square foot of grate area per hour, and varies with the type of boiler and the draft. The following table gives the rates of combustion.