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Brackets for Construction of a Boiler


BRACKETS FOR CONSTRUCTION OF A BOILER Boilers of the multitubular types are supported by brackets usually made of cast iron. Boilers up to 16 feet long have four brackets and those more than 16 feet long have six brackets. The brackets for this boiler should be about 10 inches long, measured with the length of the boiler, and about 15 inches wide. They are riveted to the boiler with nine or ten rivets to 1 inch in diameter. The rivets can be made large, as a large rivet makes a strong joint, and in this case the pitch is not governed by calking.

The load on the brackets can be estimated by calculating the weight of the boiler full of water and adding the weight of all the parts supported by the boiler. These parts include pipes, valves, gauges, brickwork covering, etc. This load should be divided as nearly equal as possible among the four brackets, so that the tendency of the boiler toward bending shall be small.

Brackets are set above the middle line of the boiler in order that the flanges may be protected by the brickwork setting. They are usually 3 or 4 inches above the middle.