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Construction of Boilers - Examples for Practice 1



1. If a piece of boiler plate breaks at 33,500 pounds and the reduced section is 1-1/8 inches by 1/2 inch, what is the ultimate tensile strength? Ans. 59,555 pounds.

2. A boiler plate is claimed to be of 64,000 pounds tensile strength. If the section is 1 inch wide and .63 inch thick, what should be the reading of the testing machine when the specimen breaks ? Ans. 40,320 pounds.

3. A test piece of the form shown in Fig. 2 measured 8 inches between the prickpunch marks before testing and 9.56 inches after testing. What was the per cent of elongation ? Ans. 19k per cent.

4. If the area of section before breaking is .4825 square inch and after breaking is ..236 square inch, what is the per cent of reduced area? Ans. 51 per cent.