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Construction of Boilers a



A steam boiler, or steam generator, consists of a vessel to contain the water and the steam after it is formed; a fire-box to contain the fire; tubes, flues and uptake to transmit heat and conduct the hot gases from the fire to the chimney, and various fittings to facilitate the safe and economical operation. Boilers are often classified according to their uses and conditions ; thus we have stationary, marine and locomotive boilers. Boilers having a shell partially filled with tubes, through which the hot gases pass, are called tubular, fire-tube or shell boilers; and those having a large flue in which is placed the fire, are called flue boilers. If the tubes are filled with water and the hot gases are outside, the boiler is called a water-tube boiler.

Steam boilers are made in a variety of shapes, according to the type, uses and conditions. Let us first consider boiler construction in general, leaving out the peculiarities of marine, locomotive and water-tube boilers.