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Manholes for Construction of a Boiler


MANHOLES FOR CONSTRUCTION OF A BOILER The manhole and handhole should be strong enough and stiff enough to sustain the stresses due to the direct steam pressure and from the stresses of the plates.. The calculation of the strength of the manhole ring is difficult and the results obtained very uncertain, so they are made of forms and dimensions that have been used in good practice and given good results. These fittings are bought in steel forgings. Boiler makers design the forged rings which lie close to the shell, of a section at least equal to the section of the plate that is cut out. The bearing surfaces of the manhole cover and that of the lip against which the cover bears, should be machined to make a good smooth joint. The joints are made tight by gaskets about 3/4 of an inch wide.

Hand holes are constructed similarly to manholes, and often have a taper key in place of a bolt and nut, because the nut is exposed to fire and after it has been in place some time, is often difficult to remove with a wrench.