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Sexes different ; no spurs on tarsus; small Partridges fre quenting low hills in rocky districts and uncultivated regions; eggs in depression among stones, uniform stone isabelline.

Ammoperdix heyi nicolli Hartert. SEE-SEE PARTRIDGE. j Vinous isabelline distinctly barred dark grey on wings and rump, and faintly on upper tail coverts ; crown with lilac tinge ; car coverts white ; chin and patch beneath eye chestnut ; flanks streaked dark and li;.;ht chestnut and white. Bill orange. Legs

and feet yellow. Wing 124-132 (II.). Y Sandy grey, barred on head, spotted on rump and tipper tail coverts with dark brown.

Resident—Egypt, Nile Valley (Cairo to I leluan).

The typical rare, "A. h. heyi," is found from Sinai Peninsula to Jordan Valley.