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Summary and Conclusions

air, electric, prof, ionization and molecules

SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS In the last decades, significant phenomena, directly related to the subject under consideration, have been reported. It has been found that identical therapeutic effects were achieved by both certain physical agents and certain polymer molecules in the treatment of many severe pathological states.

The manifold effect of physical (electric) factors and of large organic molecules may be explained by the activity at the molecular and even the electron level. The organism is penetrated by either the pulsed solar photon stream and oxygen ions of the air, or by certain polymer molecules. Their electric and magnetic fields and their electric and electromagnetic energy then act upon the electric and magnetic fields and energy of the electrons of the excited molecules and atoms contained in the pathologically changed protoplasm and structural elements of the cells, tissues, and organs.

The electric and magnetic phenomena observed in ions and in high molecular organic compounds have a common property which, although unexplained, is applied in treating numerous diseases of different etiologies. Moreover, it must be admitted that it is neither the different chemical elements nor their molecules which are specifically effective from the medical point of view, but rather the electrical fields and ions produced by the dissociation of these substances when dissolved in the fluids of the living organism.

This does not imply that the biochemical reactions are insignificant.

It means, however, that more attention must now be directed toward such physical phenomena as electric and magnetic fields and the energy of electron excitation which have heretofore been neglected. Great theore tical advances have been made in the modern biological and medical sciences, heralding an incomparable increase in their practical value. Quantum mechanics might be instrumental in elucidating the most basic physiological or molecular physicochemical processes.

The USSR spearheads the field of modern engineering, rocket dynamics, and space flights. Physicomathematical sciences in the USSR are developing at a remarkable pace. Rapid solution of the problem of air ionization may prove to be of tremendous value in improving the health of the Soviet people by harnessing the powerful natural agent of electricity to the struggle for human health. Large-scale introduction of air ionization in new buildings, factories, schools and children's institutions, hospitals, clinics, sanatoria and rest homes, places of entertainment, dwellings, etc. (i. e., the overall development of electrical resorts) might raise the standard of health and longevity in the USSR. and increase the productivity of labor. It is regrettable that we still lack a coordination center for scientific research laboratories fully equipped to implement an extensive research program of air ionization, and to facilitate the prompt introduc tion of the research results in the national economy of the USSR.

Organization of such a laboratory is of major importance now, when literally hundreds of scientific research laboratories and institutes engaged in studies of the biological and industrial applications of air ions have emerged in many European and American countries. The First Intern International Conference on Air Ionization took place in Philadelphia (USA) in October 1961. The most prominent scientists (Prof. Langevin, Prof.

J. Worms, Prof. I. Kornblueh, Prof. A. Kruger, Prof. U. Pontoni, Prof.

G. Piccardi, Dr. A. Denier, and many others) discussed the further develop ment of methods for the artificial ionization of air, first devised in the USSR as early as 1918.