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The Outstanding Importance for Life of Negative Air Ions

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THE OUTSTANDING IMPORTANCE FOR LIFE OF NEGATIVE AIR IONS In simultaneous studies of the fundamental significance of oxygen ions in the air the author, coworkers, and supporters— biologists, physio logists, and physicians— conducted numerous experiments on animals, and recorded their observations of human patients in connection with the action of light air ions of positive and negative charges. These experi ments and observations confirmed the salubrious effect of negative ions, as first established by the author, and the indifferent, or occasionally un favorable effect of positively charged ions. The Central Research Labora tory of Ionization (TsNILI) was organized in Moscow in 1931 for the prac tical application of negative air ions, and a special laboratory was later organized by the Construction Authority for the Palace of the Soviets.

The mechanism of physiological action of air ions— of either charge— has been carefully and thoroughly studied since 1918 in a joint effort by the author and his colleagues. Special observations have demonstrated that negative ions are most beneficial for growing organisms, weakly develop ing organisms, and weakened, fatigued, and old organisms.

Medical investigations corroborate the regenerating, strengthening, invigorating, preventive, and curative effect of negative ions. Numerous illnesses can be successfully treated with negative ions in 85% of the cases. Special investigations proved that there are no counter indications to the use of natural concentrations of negative air ions in either sick or healthy people. This finding was substantiated by hundreds of medical investiga tions carried out by physicians over a period of about forty years. This is quite understandable considering that atmospheric ions are a natural and necessary factor for life. We shall not dwell here in detail on the

medical application of air ions; this was recommended by the People's Health Commissariat of the USSR, as early as 1930-1931, for extensive use by preventive and curative medical institutions. The biological effect of air ions has been thoroughly reported in numerous works published by the author and others (the bibliography of this subject includes about 2500 works in different languages), and has been reviewed in the monograph "Air Ionization in the National Economy" (Gosplanizdat, 1960). In colla boration with physicians, the author investigated the effect of negative air ions on miners working underground, in the Karaganda coal basin. The number of sick days caused by common colds and other diseases (according to the sick lists) in the experimental groups amounted to only half that number in the control groups. The salubrious effect of the negative atmospheric oxygen ions is explained by modern bioenergetics, studies on the biological consequences of the electron levels of organic molecules, and the principles of quantum mechanics.

The above-mentioned monograph quoted K. E. Tsiolkovskii, who, in the 1920's, after reading the author's work on the artificial ionization of air predicted the use of air ions in spaceships.

The beneficial effect is conferred only by the light oxygen ions produced by a silent discharge of negative electricity into the air.

In the decision No. 12-8/2188, of 29 April 1962, the State Sanitary Inspection of the USSR approved the use in polyclinics and several kinds of workshops of effluvial point-discharge ionizers producing up to 5000 ions per