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Carpenter Work

inches, beams, contractor, roof, shown and throughout

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CARPENTER WORK "Centers and Lintels—The Contractor is to provide and set on proper supports, strongly built centers for all arches in the walls. Timber lintels of proper sizes are to be provided and set over window-frames and door openings in brick walls, except those in the basement, which will be of iron, and for others in front wall where iron lintels are shown.

"Timbering—All the timbering throughout is to be of long-leaf Georgia yellow pine, to be properly framed, mortised-and-tenoned in the very best manner.

"The ends of all beams resting on walls are to be cut on a bevel of three inches, and must have a full level bearing of four inches.

"The Contractor is to provide wooden block ing, beveled to fit the bottom flange of the floor girders, and bolted to the_same as shown on plan No. ; bolts will be provided by the Iron Con tractor.

"Double beams are to be placed under all partitions running parallel to the same, whether shown on the plan or not.

" All the beams are to be of the sizes marked on the drawings, placed and framed as shown. All trimmers and headers are to be made of two or more beams, bolted together at the ends and at intervals not over two feet apart with bolts, with nuts and washers, to be furnished by the Contractor for double beams.

"Each tier of beams is to have double bearing bone cross-bridging, spaced about 5 feet apart; to be made of 2-inch by 3-inch spruce, ac curately cut and fitted, and nailed at each end with two 12-penny nails.

"Lumber—All lumber throughout is to be of the very best quality, for joiner work; to be kiln dried, clear stock of the several kinds specified, to be selected and of uniform color.

"Finish of the first story to be of straight grain white oak; and other finish throughout, unless otherwise specified, to be of straight-grain dark oak; this includes doors, windows, interior partition, sash, etc.

Carpenter Work

"Partitions—All partitions throughout, ex cept those around the elevator, vent- and pipe shafts, are to be built of 3-inch by 4-inch spruce joists, 16 inches on centers, with plates and sills, to be properly bridged and well nailed. At door

openings, double joists are to be set. All joists are to be straight, and must be plumb and true.

"Furring—All the ceilings will be covered with metal, and the furring for the same will be done by the Contractor for the metal ceiling work as above specified; but the Contractor is to provide and put up all necessary blocking and timbering, to receive this furring. All the toilet room ceilings are to be furred down to a uniform level, to cover the plumbing pipes and vent flues.

"All necessary furring of all kinds is to be done with proper materials, securely nailed, for affording nailing surfaces for lathing and metal ceilings and for finished woodwork, and wherever required.

"The roof is to be furred up by means of 3 inch by 4-inch joists, not over 18 inches on centers, for the roof planking, as shown and as directed; valleys, hips, and breaks are to be formed.

"Furring for metal lath is to be provided around exterior and interior windows (see de tails on plan No. ).

"Plaster Ground.

Plaster grounds are to be set to all openings, and where necessary for nail ing surfaces for the trims, wainscots, bases, etc. All are to be perfectly true, and must be securely nailed.

"Roof Boarding—The roof is to be boarded with first-quality tongued-and-grooved, matched hemlock inches thick, not over 6 inches wide, well surface-nailed. Proper hips and valleys are to be formed; and the top of the roof cornice, and the roof at bottom of fire escape, the tops of the show-window cornices, and other parts, are to be covered with the same kind of boarding, the Contractor providing all necessary sleepers, blockings, and furring that may be required for the same.

"Underflooring—All the floors throughout, except the sub-basement, are to have an under flooring of square-edged, matched, first-quality hemlock, inches thick, not over 6 inches wide, well surface-nailed to each beam; all to be laid diagonally.

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