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New Worcester Gun

barrels, action and hammers

NEW WORCESTER GUN. This well-received hammerless gun, shown in the drawing, is an American duction, made on the American interchangeable plan, and is provided to meet the demand for a good, serviceable hammerless gun at a low cost. It is easily taken apart and put together, for cleaning or oiling of the The frame, or action, is long and made in one piece. All the lock mechanism is contained in the solid one-piece frame, thus making the action of the gun positive in all mates. The construction does entirely away with the annoyance of the nose of the hammers hanging in the indented primers in the opening of the gun after firing. as by the simple and effective form of the double-locking bolt, the hammers and the firing pills are withdrawn from the primers, thus rendering the opening of the gun for reloading, easy. The trigger locking mechanism, or safety, is automatic and positive in its action. The barrels arc subtwist or fine damascus, choke bored, double bolted, with flat mattedextenison rib; can be taken off and put on the action without cocking the gun, by simply pressing the small cam on the under side of ac tion. The barrels arc provided with an improved check hook on the lug, which

sustains the weight of the barrels when open, preventing any strain on the hinge joint, thus adding many years usefulness to the gun.

To open the gun without cocking, press the cam at the bottom of the frame as far toward the muzzle as it go, the finger on the cam until the barrels are tilted sufficiently for the cam to pass the cocking lever.

To take the barrels off the action, do as described above, and the hammers will remain down. To let the hammers down without snapping when the barrels are up, push the safety forward, pull both the triggers and close the gun.

To take the stock if the gun for inspection or oiling of the lockwork, loosen the upper screw in the butt-plate, taking the lower screw out, swing the butt-plate to one side, then remove the screw rod which runs lengthwise through the stock This excellent gun and several others similar to it, cheap but good, known under the trade names of "New Field Cum" "National Arms Co.'s Guns,"etc., may be procured from Wm. Read Sons, Roston.