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Wurfflein Arms

rifle and pounds


The rifles and pistols made by William Wurfflein, of Philadelphia, are noted for accuracy of construction and excellent shooting qualities. The rifle, which is sin gle shot breech-loading, is constructed on the tip-up barrel system, Figure 1, which is the quickest and handiest system in use. For safety and speed in loading and cleaning, effectiveness and accuracy, it has no superior. It stands foremost as to symmetrical model, style and beauty of workmanship. Figures 2 and 3 show the sporting and gallery rifles, with straight stock and pistol grip stock respect ively. The barrel is octagon or half octagon, 24 inches long and is .22, .25 or .32 caliber rim fire, and .25, -32, .38 and .44 caliber center fire; weight 5 3-4 to 8 1-4 pounds. It is also made small for ladies use, weigdiing 4 1-2 pounds. tires 4 and 5 show the special mid-range target rifle, barr(I half octagon, 28 or 3o inches long,. The caliber is .25-2o, .32-35, .32-40. .38-55 and..40-70, center fire,

tistfig everlasting shells or factory ammunition : 7 1-2 10 12 pounds. It is provided with vernier peep and wind gauge spirit level sights. It is also made of smaller bore, using .22 long rifle and .22 special NN'incliester cartridf..,,es.

The Wurftlein single shot, breech-loading gallery and target pistol, Figure 6, is constructed the same as the rifle. The Model is most symmetrical and finely bal anced. It is quickly loaded and handy, and has no superior for accuracy and pene tration. It is made for .22 short or long rifle, .25-rim, and .32 or .44 Russian center fire cartridges, and weighs 234 pounds. It is made with or without the spur on the guard. The barrels are 8 to to inches in length.