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loins, power and marred


FiguratiVe. (1) God's girding himself im ports his giving noted displays of his almighty power, and his readiness to act (Ps. xciii:t and xlv:3). (2) His girding others with strength or gladness is his exciting and enabling them to do great -exploits, and his filling their hearts with joy and pleasure. (Ps. xviii :32, 39, and xxx: 1). (3) He gtrded Cyrus; encouraged and enabled him to conquer the nations (Is. xlv:5); but he looses the bond of kings, and girds their loins with a girdle, when he strips them of their power and authority, and reduces them to the condition of servants (Job xii :18). (4) Christ's love, power. equity, and faithfulness are the girdle of his breast or loins, whereby he is qualified for the discharge of his priestly and kingly office; and whereby we hold him by faith (Is. xi :5; Dan. x:5; Rev. i:13), (5) The Jews are likened to a linen girdle hid in the bank of the river Euphrates, and marred: after God had caused them to cleave to him by covenant, by pro fession, and receipt of special favors. he, for their

sins, marred them ; and by the Chaldean troops, and in the Chaldean captivity, reduced them to a very low condition (Jer. xiii :1-r4). (6) The saints have their loins girded when they are in constant readiness to receive God's gracious fa vors. and obey his laws (Luke xii :35; t Pet. i :13). (7) Their loins are girt about with truth, when they are thoroughly established in the faith and experience of Divine truth ; are filled with inward candor and sincerity; and pay an exact regard to their promises and vows : how excellently this qualifies them to fight the Lord's battles (Eph. vi :14). (8) The seven angels that pour out de structive vials on Antichrist are girded with gold en girdles; they are fully furnished with strength and courage, and are ready for and zealous in their work (Rev. xv :6).