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ADVERTISEMENTS. Of an Apologt.—Where it is intended to plead apology to an action for libel, the apology should be made as publicly as the libel.

hus if the libel appeared in it newspaper, the apology should he publicly made in the same paper. It should be printed in type of ordinary size, and in a part of the paper where it will be seen ; not hidden aNwty among other advertisements or notices to correspondents. If the apology is to a slander, it should be published proportionately to the possible publication of the slander.

Betting.—TJnder the Betting Act, 1874, it is illegal to publish certain advertisements as to betting. Thus, it is an offence on summary conviction (1) To exhibit or cause to be exhibited any advertisement that any house, office, room, or place is open, kept, or used—(u) for the purpose of betting; (h) for the purpose of exhibiting betting lists ; (e) to induce any person to resort thereto for the purpose of betting. (2) On behalf of the owner of a betting house to invite ally person to resort thereto for the purpose of betting. (3) To send, exhibit, or publish any letter, circular, telegram, placard, handbill, card or advertisement (a) by which it is made to appear that any person within or without the United Kingdom will, on appli cation, give information or advice in respect to any bet or with making any bet within the meaning of the Betting House Act, 1853 ; (b) with intent to induce any person to apply to a betting house or to any person with a view to obtaining information or advice for the purpose of any such bet ; (c) inviting any person to make or take any share in or in connection with such bet. It is only illegal to advertise betting tips when they are advertised

with respect to a betting house. Distributing to people in the street hand bills containing an offer to bet is punibbable as " loitering " under the Street Betting Act, 1906. A newspaper proprietor is criminally liable fos illegal betting advertisements appearing in his paper.

By an Executor.—All debts must be paid or provided for before it deceased's estate is distributed. In order to protect Dimself frgainst claims on the estate, an executor or administrator should advertise in the manner following :—