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licence, time and licensed


BILLIARDS.—No person, unless he is a licensed victualler, may keep a billiard or bagatelle table for public play, unle.,s he holds a licence therefor ; such licence is annual, and must be applied for from the magistrates in the same way as a liquor licence, and the holder is required to print up outside his premises, in a conspicuous manner, the words, " licensed for billiards." To so keep a table without licence, or having a licence not to duly print up the above words, is to render the offender liable to a penalty of ..e10, or imprisonment with hard labour. A public bill iard-room must be closed between the hours of 1 A.M. and 8 A.M., and all clay on Sundays, Christmas Day, and Good Friday ; nor, subject to penalties, may disorder, or the consumption of excisable liquors, be permitted therein. A licensed victualler does not require a special billiard licence, but he must not permit his customers, guests or friends, to play during closing time ; nor, at any time and between any persons, may any money be staked on the game. The keeper of a beerhouse only may permit his lodgers or friends tc play during closing time.

BILL-STICKING.—As will be seen on reference to the article on Advertisements, it is a punishable offence to stick up bills of an indecent nature ; moreover, within the Metropolitan Police District, a penalty of forty shillings is incurred by posting a bill upon any building, wall, fence, or gate, without the consent of the owner, and a person so doing within the view of a constable may be there and then arrested by the latter; outside that district the nuisance is dealt with, if at all, by local Acts. Apart from any statutory enactment, such bill-sticking constitutes a trespass, and the offender may be sued for damages. When buildings are being erected, altered, or demolished, so that a hoarding is necessary, the question may arise as to whether the right to post bills thereon has vested in the building owner or in the contractor; as this right may be valuable, attention should be paid to it in the contract. See ADVERTISEMENTS.