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VOPADEVA is a celebrated grammarian of India. He wrote a grammar entitled Mugdhabodha, which is held in high repute, especially in Bengal, and was commented upon by Durgadasa. (Both text and commentary have been edited at Calcutta in 1861; previous editions contain merely the text of Vopadeva's grammar.) It differs from the great work of Pan'ini (q.v.) in its arrangement as well as in its terminology; and with out commentary of' Durgadasa, would not yield by far the information that may be derived from Pan'ini's grammar: It is valuable, however, on account of r..any later Sanskrit formations, that could not be contained in the older work. Vopadeva com posed also a catalogue of Sanskrit dlultus, or so-called radicals, in verse, called Karam: padruma, (published at Calcutta, 1848), and a commentary on it, the Kiieyakeimadhenu. Another grammatical work, the Reimavyak,arani a, is likewise attributed to his authorship. According to a general tradition prevalent in India, Vopadeva would also be the author of one of the most renowned Puran'as (q.v.), the BMgavata-Purcini a; and

in a little treatise, the Durjanarnukha-chapetiika, or "a slap on the face of the wicked," which is averse to this tradition, and maintains that Vyasa (q.v.) was the author of this Puran'a, three other works of a religious character are assigned to Vopadeva,—viz., the Paramahansapriya, MUlthiphala, and A little medical work, the S'a,:as'lo kachandrikd though written by a Vopaveda (see prof. Aufrecht's Catalogue of the San skrit MSS. of the Bodleian Library), does not seem to belong to the. author of the works just mentioned. The date of Vopadeva, given by some as the 12th, by ()theca as the 13th C.

after Christ, is, according to Burnouf's investigation, the second half of the 13th century. —See E. Burnouf's preface to his edition, and French translation, of the first nine books of Le Blaigarata Puran' a, vol. i. (Paris, 1840).