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DANA', . . 161,326 Cuteld, . . . 11,716 Amble, 10,498 bittjahl, . . . . 21.301 Persian, . . . .1,308 Pumlitu, . 8,926 Portuguese, . . 4,260 Telugu, , 123,367 The other tongues spoken are Chinese, English, French, German, Somali, Spanish, Swedish, Ben gali.

/k/fyien.—The Hindus of the Bombay Presidency recognise themselves as worshippers at particular Rhrilies, and the only prominent sects are tho Walablia-Chariya, the Swurni-Naraiyan, and the lain facet.

The village deities arc Kandi Rao or Kandoba, Venkoba, Vittoba, Ganpati, lIanuman, and Ithyroba. The Nag serpent and Ilanuman images tire in every village south to the Tumbudra. But the Mabratta are largely spirit-worshippers, and blood sacrifices are fretpient. At Chinehor, near Poona, a Brahman faintly claim to be an incarna tion of Ganesn. Krishna was accidentally killed near Patton. Ills ashes are entombed there, and with the temples at Dwaraka aro largely visited. The sun-worship continues there, and with it that of the litigant. Thu Jilinn sect have the holy sites of Shatriinji, near Pulitana, Gorakhilath, Abu, Sita, Ginter, Gop-oath, etc. At Somnath or Someswara is it famed litigant temple, which was lately rebuilt by Ahalya Bai, widow of Ilolkar. The Parsee temples are chiefly at 13oinbay and Surat, They are mean structures compared with those of the Jaina sect, who delight in raising beautiful flutes for their saluted •irthankare.

On the Girnar mount is the Ithalrava J'hap rock, from which devotees were wont to throw them ; and the rock on which Asoka's edict,' are cut is at the entrance of the valley which leads to base of the mountain, from the Junagarh side, The Brahman, are largely of Aryan descent, and darer chiefly in their lineage from founders of families. They might therefore be supposed to incline towards assimilation. Yet the Gujerati Brahman,' alone have eighty subdivisions.

The Brahmans of Maharashtra are Deshast or Dekhaitist, Kokanist, Knrhade, end Deorukha.

Thaw of Gujurat are the Audich, Antiwala, Mewida, With, and Nagar.

The Gaur Brahman,' are the Sara/twat, Saab tekar, Shenvi, and Kanaujia (Kanyakubja).

The Havik are Canara Brahmans, and cultivate.

Deshast or Dekhani Brahmans include mostly those of the table-land in the Dekitati and Cnnam above the ghats. The Matrayani and Mailltymidini are of Kandeall and Nasik, and the PalleS Brah man,' of N. Kooken.

'1'110 Konkanist Brahman, also called Chltpawan, who retie to fame in the timemof the Pealtwmonomtly belong to the Konkan and Poona. They are a highly intellectual race.

Join religionists are proportionally numerous in Cutch, In the northern states of Gujerat, particu• Indy in Ahmadabad. In Kollinpur and the Southern Mahratta country, many of the peasantry belong to this sect. Tho sect have about eighty sub divisions. The Oswal or Bombed, the Porwal and Shrimali are the chief. Jain husband,' in Gujerat marry into Hindu families. The Hindi' wife, while in her husband's home, conforms to his ritual; but on the many occasions on which she revisits her father's fawily, she reverts to the rites of her ancestors.

The Muhanunafluno number 3,021,112. l'hey are known as the Shaikh, Sayyld, Pathan, and Mogisul ; but in their religions they are of Sunni an.1 Shia!' sects. The Sunni arc followers of the four commentators of the Koran, Ifaanti, Shafai, Ilanbali, and Maliki. There are several Wait sects. the more prominent of its branches being the Khola, Bohm, and Malmo. One Section of the Khoja follows the representative of liammus Sabbah, the Shaikh-ul-Jahl, or Old Man of the Mountain of the times of the Crusaders, whom they regard as an incarnation of Ali. About A.D. 1480, a large body of Hindus of Cute], adopted this religion. Their leader, Aga All Shah, realties in Bombay, and succeeded his father, Aga Khan, a claimant for the Persian throne, who, after being driven from Persia, was long a Bombay resident.

The Bohra are a numerous, widespread, and wealthy sect. Their chief apostle, Dai or Malta!), resides in Surat. Ile names his successor. Thome of Ahmadabad are of the Sunni sect.

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