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or Lingoa Wood

diameter and feet

LINGOA WOOD, or Amboyna wood, is said to be from the Pterospermum Indicum ; it is very durable, and takes a high polish. It was imported into Britain from the Moluccas in considerable quantities at the time when the latter were British possessions ; it may be had in any quantity. Very large circular slabs are obtained from the lower part of the tree, by taking advantage of the spurs or lateral growths ; they are sometimes as large as nine feet in diameter. A circular disc of wood thus obtained, nearly seven feet in diameter, as well as some other specimens, were exhibited in 1851 by Messrs. Almeida of Singapore, and re ceived a prize medal from the jury. The importa tion ceased with the cessation of British intercourse with those islands. The wood is abundant at Ceram, New Guinea, and throughout the Molucca seas. It is prepared in large circular slabs by the natives of these islands, and can be obtained iu almost any quantity if the precaution be taken of ordering it during the previous trading season.

The Kayu-boka or Kyaboca wood of commerce is the knarled excrescence of this tree ; slabs can be had six or seven feet in diameter, by taking advantage of the spurs which project from the base of the trunk, as the tree itself has not suffi cient diameter to furnish such wide slabs. They are occasionally met with as large as nine feet in diameter, but the usual size is from four to six feet. This wood is brought to Singapore by the eastern traders from Ceram, Aru, and New Guinea, and is sold at Singapore by weight. It is much esteemed as a fancy wood, both in Europe and China, but the demand in Europe seems to have decreased of late years. See Amboyna Wood ; Kyaboca Wood ; Pterospermum Indicum.