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CERTIFICATE. The document which is issued by a company, to a member of the company, specifying the shares or stock held by him. It is usually signed by two direc tors, countersigned by the secretary or manager, and impressed with the company's seal. Certificates are of many different sizes and usually papers of different colours are used for the various classes or issues of shares and stocks.

The following is a specimen of a certifi cate : The company will not transfer any shares without the prod uction of the certificate relat ing to such shares, which ertificate must be surrendered before any deed of transfer, whether for the whole or any portion thereof, can be registered, or a new certificate issued in exchange. below.) In a few companies. a separate certificate was originally issued for each share. When any of the shares are transferred, instead of fresh certificates being issued the old ones are simply indorsed with the transfer, and the old certificates given to the t ransferee, the transfer being registered in the company's books. Occasionally certificates of this

description may be found %% hick, though the shares have been transferred from the person named in the body of the certificate, do not give any indication, by indorsement or otherwise, of the transfer. The only way to ascertain who is the registered holder is to N% rite to the company. In other cases where the same certificates pass from one holder to another, the company issues a transfer ceiti ficate (to accompany the old certificates) certifying that " a deed of transfer duly executed and attested and stamped as re quired by law, dated from to conveying shares numberedfrom to has been deposited in the office of the company and registered in their books on of , 19 ." Clause 6 of Table A (see Section 11 of the Companies (Consolidation) Act. 190S, under