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sale, personal and stock

CHATTELS. Chattel, a modern form of the word cattle. Cattle at one time per formed the function of money.

Chattels include cattle, implements, money, debts, rights of action to goods, etc.

Blackstone says, " For it is to be under stood that in our law, chattels (or goods and chattels) is a term used to express any kind of property which, having regard either to subject matter, or the quantity of interest therein, is not freehold." The Bills of Sale Act, 1S78, Section 4, defines personal chattels as follows :" The expression ' personal chattels ' shall mean goods, furniture, and other articles capable of complete transfer by delivery, and (when separately assigned or charged) fixtures and growing crops, but shall not include chattel interests in real estate, nor fixtures (except trade machinery as hereinafter defined), when assigned together with a free hold or leasehold interest in any land or building to which they are affixed, nor growing crops when assigned together with any interest in the land on which they grow, nor shares or interests in the stock, funds, or securities of any government, or in the capital or property of incorporated or joint stock companies, nor choses in action, nor any stock or produce upon any farm or lands which by virtue of any covenant or agreement or of the custom of the country ought not to be removed from any farm where the same are at the time of making or giving of such bill of sale."

By Section 5 :" Trade machinery shall, for the purposes of this Act, be deemed to be personal chattels, and any mode of dis position of trade machinery by the owner thereof which would be a bill of sale as to any other personal chattels shall be deemed to be a bill of sale within the meaning of this Act."