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Company Outside the United Kingdom

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COMPANY OUTSIDE THE UNITED KINGDOM. The Companies (Consolidation) Act, 190S, makes special provisions with respect to companies incorporated' outside the United Kingdom, but with a place of business established within the United King dom. These provisions will apply to ( ast's of companies which previously have regis tered in the Channel Islands in order to avoid the company laws in force in this country. Section 274 is as follows : ' (I) Every company incorporated outside the United Kingdom which establishes a place of business within the United Kingdom shall within one month from the establishment of the place of business file with the registrar of companies - (a) a certified copy of the charter, statutes, or memorandum and articles of the company, or other instrument con stituting or defining the constitution of the company, and, if the instrument is not written in the English lan guage, a certified translation thereof ; (b) a list of the directors of the company ; " (c) the names and addresses of some one or more persons resident in the United King dom authorised to accept on behalf of the company service of process and any notices required to be served on the company ; and, in the event of any alteration being made in any such instrument or in the directors or in the names or addresses of any such persons as aforesaid, the company shall within the prescribed time rile with the registrar a notice of the alteration.

" (2) Any process or notice required to be served on the company shall be sufficiently served if addressed to any person whose name has been so filed as aforesaid and left at or sent by post to the address which has been so filed.

" (3) Every company to which this Section applies shall in every year file with the registrar such a statement in the form of a balance sheet as would, if it were a company formed and registered under this Act and having a share capital, be required under this Act to be included in the annual summary.

" (4) Every company to which this Section applies, and which uses the word ` Limited ' as part of its name, shall " (a) in every prospectus inviting subscriptions for its shares or debentures in the United Kingdom state the country in which the company is incorporated ; and " (b) conspicuously exhibit on every place where it carries on business in the United Kingdom the name of the company and the country in which the company is in corporated ; and " (c) have the name of the com pany and of the country in which the company is incor porated mentioned in legible characters in all bill-heads and letter paper, and in all notices, advertisements, and other official publications of the company." (See COM PANIES.)