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Conveyance or Transfer

duty and decree

CONVEYANCE or TRANSFER of any kind not hereinbefore described 0 10 0 And see Section 62, above.

By Section 6, Finance Act, 1898 : " The definition Conveyance on Sale ' includes a decree or order for, or having the effect of an order for, foreclosure. Provided that (a) the ad valorem stamp duty upon any such decree or order shall not exceed the duty on a sum equal to the value of the property to which the decree or order relates, and where the decree or order states that value that statement shall be conclusive for the purpose of determining the amount of the duty ; and (h) where ad valorem stamp duty is paid upon such decree or order, any convey ance following upon such decree or order shall be exempt from the ad valorem stamp duty." By Section 10, Finance Act, 1900 : " A Conveyance on Sale made for any consideration in respect whereof it is charge able with ad valorem duty, and in further consideration of a covenant by the purchaser to make, or of his having previously made, any substantial improvement of or addition to the property conveyed to him, or of any covenant relating to the subject matter of the conveyance, is not chargeable, and shall be deemed not to have been chargeable with any duty in respect of such further con sideration."

Where property is conveyed, subject to a mortgage, duty is payable upon the amount of the mortgage and interest up to the date of the conveyance.

As to stamping instruments after execu tion, see Section 15 of the Stamp Act, 1891. under heading STAMP DUTIES. (See Com POSITION—TRANSFERS—SHARES, COPYHOLD FREEHOLD, LEASEHOLD, TRANSFER OF SHARES, TRANSMISSION OF SHARES.)