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Country Cheque Clearing Additional Rules to Be Observed

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Country Clearing to open at 10.30. Drafts, including returns, to be received not later than 12.30, except on Saturdays, when the time shall be 10 o'clock for the opening, and 11.30 for the last delivery, including returns. The door to be closed on the stroke of the clock, as in the Town Clearing.

(It is required that all banks shall make a delivery as near to 10.30 as possible, on ordinary days, and 10 o'clock on Saturdays. In no case sha l the first delivery be later than 10.45 on ordinary days, and 10.30 on Satur days. The remaining deliveries at necessary intervals.) All the in-clearing to be entered at the Clearing House.

Castings of about 50 entries to be given with all the early deliveries of the out clearing.

(It is expected that the last castings will be given to the in-clearers not later than five minutes after the last delivery of cheques.) All charges to be agreed at the Clearing House on the day of the work. and the clerk responsible for the out-side shall make it his business to go to the desk of the clerk entering his charge on the in-side for this purpose.

It shall be necessary for the in-clearer to retain for the inspection of the out-clearer, the cheques of any casting, or any particular cheque in which a difference occurs.

All wrongly delivered cheques discovered before the out and in-clearers agreeing any charge have left the Clearing House, shall be adjusted by the clearers, but any discovered after either clearer has left the House shall not be deducted from the already agreed amount, but shall be entered on the debit side of lists provided for the purpose, the cheque or cheques to be sent to the proper forwarding agent, who shall also enter them on the credit side of the list provided ; these lists to be handed to the Clearing House inspector on the morning following, and it shall be his duty to agree the same. The total of these lists to be brought on to the end of the balance sheet.

The balance sheet, together with the particulars of the out and in-sides, shall be handed to the inspector on the morning following the day of the work, and it shall be his duty to check the balances, and to call attention to any charge that may differ, as soon as possible.