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June 30 April 1

house, clearing, returns and time


On these days the time shall be 4.15 p.m. for the last delivery, and 5.15 p.m. for the last returns, except when either of these days is a Saturday, when the time shall be 1.45 p.m. for last delivery and 2.45 p.m. for the last returns.

The total amount of the morning and country delivery shall be agreed by each clearer before leaving the Clearing House.

All clerks that are in the Clearing House by the time appointed for final delivery, shall be entitled to deliver their articles, though they may not have been able to pass them to the different desks before the clock strikes.

All returns in the Clearing House upon the stroke of the clock, at the time appointed for final delivery, must be received by the clearers and credited the same day. The inspectors are instructed to close the doors and not re-open them until such returns have been delivered.

Any bank which has accepted and paid an article returned to it in error, may require repayment through the Clearing Ilouse on the following day.

Notice shall be entered upon it board at the Clearing House, giving monthly statements of those settling days at the Stock Exchange, upon which the time for receiving returns is to he 5.30 p.m.

With regard to all drafts not crossed, and all bills not receipted, sent to the Clearing House as returns, the clearer holding them must fully announce the particulars to the Clearing House, and if not claimed, the case must be represented to the inspectors ; but on no account can the clearer be allowed to debit the Clearing House with the amount until an owner can be found.

No return can be received without an answer in writing on the return why payment is refused.

It shall be sufficient in order that a return shall be received and credited, that it shall have on it an answer, why returned ; and no clearer shall refuse to pass to credit any return that shall be so marked.

All the differences arising from marked articles of 1,1.000 and upwards must he finally ascertained and placed to account, before the dearer makes up his balance sheet.

No clearer shall be allowed to charge out drafts in the Clearing-out Book at the Clearing House.

All differences of more than L1,000 that may have been accidentally passed over at night, shall be settled by a transfer at the Bank of England. the first thing the next morning.

The inspectors arc charged with the preservation of order and decorum in the Clearing House, and are instructed to report to the Committee of Bankers disorderly conduct on the part of any persons, calcu lated, in their opinion, to obstruct the adjustment of the business of the House.

July, 1905."