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Power of

attorney, survivors and act

POWER OF ATTORNEY—TRANSFER OF GOVERNMENT STOCK. British Govern ment stock is inscribed, that is registered, in the books of the Bank of England, and when a transfer is to be made, the owner must either attend personally at the Bank or appoint an attorney to act for him.

The following is a specimen of a power of attorney to transfer consols, for use by the survivors in a joint account :— We of and of survivors in a joint account with , late of deceased, appoint and both of jointly and severally our attor neys and attorney in our names and on our behalf and in the name and on behalf of the survivors of us as survivors aforesaid to transfer pounds being all the 10s. per cent. consolidated stock standing in the books of the Governor and Company of the Bank of England in the names of deceased and unto of , and also to do whatever is necessary or proper to be done for the purpose aforesaid. And we declare that any act done under or in pursuance of this letter of attorney shall, so far as the Governor and Company are concerned, be valid as against our estates, notwithstanding that we may be dead at the time of such act unless notice in writing of our deaths shall have been previously given to the said Governor and Company. In witness whereof

we have hereunto set our hands and seals this day of in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and I demand to act by this letter of attorney this day of 19 .

Witness The following are the instructions for executing powers or letters of attorney, which are printed upon the back of the document : DATING.—Must be in words, not in figures. (When a letter of attorney has to be exe cuted by more than one person the date of the first signature attached thereto should be inserted.)