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Quotation on London Stock Ex Change

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QUOTATION ON LONDON STOCK EX CHANGE. The Committee of the Stock Exchange may order the quotation in the Official List of any security of sufficient mag nitude and importance. Applications for quotation must be made to the Secretary of the Share and Loan Department, and must comply with such conditions and require ments as may be ordered from time to time by the committee. Three days' public notice must be given of every application. A broker, a member of the Stock Exchange, must be authorised to give the Committee full information as to the security and to furnish them with all particulars they may require. (Rule 139, London Stock Exchange.) The regulations with regard to share and stock certificates are : All certificates should state on their face the authority under which the company is constituted, and the amount of the authorised capital of the company. The following foot-note should appear on all stock and share certificates, " The company will not transfer any stock [shares: without the production of a certificate relating to such stock [shares], which certificate. must

be surrendered before any deed of transfer, whether for the whole or any portion thereof, can be registered or a new certificate issued in exchange." Where the capital of a company consists of more than one class of shares of the same denomination, the dis tinctive numbers of the shares of each class must be printed on the face of the share certificates. All preference share certifi cates should bear on their face a statement of the company's capital and the conditions, both as to capital and dividends, under which the shares are issued. Debentures and debenture stock certificates should, in ad dition to legal requirements, state on their face the authority under which the company is constituted, the nominal capital of the company, the dates when the interest on the debentures or debenture stock is payable, and the authority under which the issue is made (i.e, articles of association and resolu tions) : and on their back the conditions of issue, redemption and transfer.