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Registrar of Companies

registration, copy and board

REGISTRAR OF COMPANIES. The Com panies (Consolidation) Act, 1908, enacts : " Section 243. (11 For the purposes of the registration of companies under this Act, there shall be offices in England, Scotland, and Ireland, at such places as the Board of Trade think fit.

" (2) The Board of Trade may appoint such registrars, assistant registrars, clerks, and servants as the Board think necessary for the registration of companies under this Act, and may make regulations with respect to their duties ; and may remove any persons so appointed.

" (6) Any person may inspect the docu ments kept by the registrar on pay ment of such fees as may be appointed by the Board of Trade, not exceeding one shilling for each inspection ; and any person may require a certifi cate of the incorporation of any company, or a copy or extract of any other document or any part of any other document, to be certified by the registrar, on payment for the certificate, certified copy, or extract, of such fees as the Board of Trade may appoint, not exceeding five shillings for a certificate of incorpora tion, and not exceeding sixpence for each folio of a certified copy or extract, or in Scotland for each sheet of two hundred words.

" (7) A copy of or extract from any docu ment kept and registered at any of the offices for the registration of companies in England, Scotland, or Ireland, certified to be a true copy under the hand of the registrar or an assistant registrar (whose official position it shall not be necessary to prove) shall in all legal proceedings be admissible in evidence as of equal validity with the original document." When a certificate of incorporation is given by the registrar in respect of any association it is conclusive evidence that all the require ments in respect of the registration of the company have been complied with.

When a certificate of the registration of any mortgage or charge is given by the registrar, it is conclusive evidence that all the requirements of the Companies Act have been complied with.

A register of mortgages is kept by the registrar. The register is open to inspection by any person on payment of one shilling. (See COMPANIES, REGISTRATION OF MORT GAGES AND CHARGES.)