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Registrars in Bankruptcy

court, jurisdiction and powers

REGISTRARS (IN BANKRUPTCY). Section 99 of the Bankruptcy Act, 1SS3. provides as follows : " 99. (1) The registrars in bankruptcy of the High Court, and the registrars of a county court having jurisdiction in bankruptcy, shall have the powers and jurisdiction in this Section mentioned, and any order made or act done by such registrars in the exercise of the said powers and jurisdiction shall be deemed the order or act of the Court.

" (2) Subject to general rules limiting the powers conferred by this Section, a registrar shall have power : " (a) To hear bankruptcy petitions, and to make receiving orders and adjudications thereon : "(b) To hold the public examina tion of debtors : " (c) To grant orders of discharge where the application is not opposed : "(d) To approve compositions or schemes of arrangement when they are not opposed : " (e) To make interim orders in any case of urgency : "(f) To make any order or exercise any jurisdiction which by any rule in that behalf is pre scribed as proper to be made or exercised in chambers : " (g) To hear and determine any unopposed or ex parte application : "(h) To summon and examine any person known or suspected to have in his possession effects of the debtor or to be indebted to him, or capable of giving information respect ing the debtor, his dealings or property.

" (3) The registrars in bankruptcy of the High Court shall also have power to grant orders of discharge and certifi cates of removal of disqualifications, and to approve compositions and schemes of arrangement.

" (4) A registrar shall not have power to commit for contempt of court.

" (5) The Lord Chancellor may from time to time by order direct that any specified registrar of a county court shall have and exercise all the powers of a bankruptcy registrar of the High Court." (See BANKRUPTCY.)