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Relations of Partners to Persons Dealing with Them

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Power of Partner to Bind the Firm.

" 5. Every partner is an agent of the firm and his other partners for the purpose of the , business of the partnership ; and the acts of every partner who does any act for carrying on in the usual way business of the kind carried on by the firm of which he is a member bind the firm and his partners, unless the partner so acting has in fact no authority to act for the firm in the particular matter, and the person with whom he is dealing either knows that he has no authority, or does not know or believe him to be a partner.

Partners Bound by Acts on Behalf of Firm.

" 6. An act or instrument relating to the business of the firm and done or executed in the firm-name, or in any other manner showing an intention to bind the firm, by any person thereto authorised, whether a partner or not, is binding on the firm and all the partners.

" Provided that this section shall not affect any general rule of law relating to the execution of deeds or negotiable instruments.

Partner using Credit of Finn for Private Purposes.

" 7. Where one partner pledges the credit of the firm for a purpose apparently not connected with the firm's ordinary course of business, the firm is not bound, unless he is in fact specially authorised by the other partners but this Section does not affect any personal liability incurred by an individual partner.

Riled of Notice that Firm will not be Bound by Acts of Partner.

S. If it has been agreed between the partners that any restriction shall be placed on the power of any one or more of them to bind the firm, no act clone in contravention of the agreement is binding on the firm with respect to persons having notice of the agreement.

Liability of Partners.

" 9. Every partner in a firm is liable jointly with the other partners, and in Scotland severally also, for all debts and obligations of the firm incurred while he is a partner ; and after his death his estate is also severally liable in a due course of administration for such debts and obligations, so far as they remain unsatisfied, but subject in England cr Ireland to the prior payment of his separate debts.

Liability of the Firm for Wrongs.

"10. Where, by any wrongful act or omis sion of any partner acting in the ordinary course of the business of the firm, or with the authority of his co-partners, loss or injury is caused to any person not being a partner in the firm, or any penalty is incurred, the firm is liable therefor to the same extent as the partner so acting or omitting to act.

Misapplication of Money or Property Received for or in Custody of the Firm.

"11. In the following cases ; namely " (a) Where one partner acting within the scope of his apparent authority receives the money or property of a third person and misapplies it ; and " (b) Where a firm in the course of its business receives money or property of a third person, and the m ney or property so received is misapplied by one or more of the partners while it is in the custody of the firm ; the firm is liable to make good the loss.

for Wrongs Joint and Several.

"12. Every partner is liable jointly with his co-partners and also severally for every thing for which the firm while he is a partner therein becomes liable under either of the two last preceding sections.

Improper Employment of Trust-Property for Partnership Purposes.

"13. If a partner, being a trustee, im properly employs trust-property in the business or on the account of the partner ship, no other partner is liable for the trust property to the persons beneficially interested therein : " Provided as follows : " (1) This Section shall not affect any liability incurred by any partner by reason of his having notice of a breach of trust ; and " (2) Nothing in this Section shall prevent trust money from being followed and recovered from the firm if still in its possession or under its control.

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