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Warrant for Goods

person, document and dock

WARRANT FOR GOODS. A document issued by a dock company, a warehouse keeper, or wharfinger, stating that the goods named therein are deliverable to the person mentioned, or his assigns by indorsement. (See DOCK WARRANT, WAREHOUSE-KEEPER'S WARRANT, \VHARFINGER'S WARRANT.) The expression " warehouse-keeper's cer tificate " (as in the Factors Act, q.v.) is sometimes used instead of the expression " warehouse-keeper's warrant." A certificate or receipt is usually regarded as a mere acknowledgment of goods, and a warrant as a document of title to the goods.

The terms are sometimes used rather loosely and without due regard as to whether the document is merely a receipt, or a war rant stating that the goods are held to the order of the person named or his assigns.

As to the pledging of warrants, see DOCK WARRANT.


(1) Any document or writing given by an inland carrier acknowledging the receipt of goods conveyed by such carrier.

(2) A weight note issued to gether with a duly stamped warrant, and relating solely to the same goods, wares, or merchandise.

And see Section 111 as follows : " (1) For the purposes of this Act the expression ' warrant for goods ' means any document or writing, being evidence of the title of any person therein named, or his assigns, or the holder thereof, to the pro perty in any goods, wares, or mer chandise lying in any warehouse or dock, or upon any wharf, and signed or certified by or on behalf of the person haying the custody of the goods, wares, or merchandise.

" (2) The duty upon a warrant for goods may be denoted by an adhesive stamp, which is to be cancelled by the person by whom the instrument is made, executed, or issued.

" (3) Every person who makes, executes, or issues, or receives or takes by way of security or indemnity, any warrant for goods not being duly stamped, shall incur a fine of twenty pounds."