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or Mandate

funds, stocks and receipt

MANDATE, or other instrument in the nature thereof : (1) For the sole purpose of ap pointing or authorising a proxy to vote at any one meeting at which votes may be given by proxy, whether the number of persons named in such instrument be one or more (2) By any petty officer, sea man, marine, or soldier serving as a marine, or his representatives, for receiv ing prize money or wages .

(3) For the receipt of the dividends or interest of any stock : Where made for the re ceipt of one payment only In any other case .

(4) For the receipt of any sum of money, or any bill of exchange or promis sory note for any sum of money, not exceeding Z20, or any periodical pay ments not exceeding the annual sum of (not being hereinbe/ore charged) (5) For the sale, transfer, or acceptance of any of the Government or Parlia mentary stocks or funds : Where the nominal amount of the stocks or funds does not exceed Z100 (Finance Act, 1S95, Sec tion 16) In any other case .

(6) Of any kind whatsoever not herein before described Exemptions.

(1) Letter or power of attor ney for the receipt of divi dends of any definite and certain share of the Govern ment or Parliamentary stocks or funds producing a yearly dividend less than L.

(2) Letter or power of attor ney or proxy filed in the Probate Division of the High Court of Justice in England or Ireland, or in any ecclesiastical court.

(3) Order, request, or direc tion under hand only from the proprietor of any stock to any company or to any officer of any company or to any banker to pay the dividends or interest aris ing from the stock to any person therein named. And see Section 81 of the Stamp Act, 1891, as fol lows : " A letter or power of attorney for the sale, transfer, or acceptance of any of the Government or Parliamentary stocks or funds, duly stamped for that purpose, is not to be charged with any further duty by reason of containing an authority for the receipt of the dividends on the same stocks or funds." See also Section 80 under PROXY.