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rohlfs, house, mystery and furniture

GREEN, Anna Katharine (MRS, CHARLES ROHLFS), American author: b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 11 Nov. 1846. She graduated from Ripley Fe male College in 1867; but it was not until 1878 that sheblished her first novel, 'The Leaven worth which immediately became im mensely popular. In 1884 she married Charles Rohlfs, an actor, who had been for some years with Booth and other tragedians. In 1889 he and his wife planned together furniture for their house. This developed into a style new and distinctive in furniture in both for and ornamental design, Which became known as the °Rohlfs furniture.° Mrs. Rohlfs continued turning out novels with wonderful rapidity; and all of them met with the favor of the special reading public to which she addressed herself. These are excellent detective stories in which the author shows a genius for plot and intricate situations. The characters are ofteri untrue to life, but they are made to move along with such rapidity that these minor considerations are for gotten or not noticed by the uncritical public, which forms most of Mrs. Rohlfs' readers. Her long list of published works includes Webb' ; 'Behind Closed Doors' (1888); 'A Circular Study); (Cynthia Wakeham's Money' ; 'A Difficult Problem and other Stories' ; (The Doctor, his Wife and the Clock' (1895) ; (Doc tor Izard) • (Forsaken Inn) (1890) • (The Hand and the Ring' (1883) ; (Lost Man's Lane); 'Marked Personal' (1893); (A Matter of Mil lions' ; 'The Mill Mystery); (Miss Hard, an Enigma); (The Old Stone House and Other Stones); (One of my Sons' ; (Seven to Twelve); 'X. Y. and Z.' ; 'A Strange Disap

pearance); (The Sword of Damocles); (That Affair Next Door) (1897) ; 'The Amethyst Box); (The House in the Mist' (1905); 'The Millionaire Baby) (1905) • (The Woman in the Alcove) (1906) ' • 'The Chief Legatee) (1907) ; 'The Mayor's Wife' (1907) ; 'The Filigree Ball' (1908) ; 'Three Thousand Dollars) (1909) ; 'The House of the Whispering Pines' (1910) ; 'Initials Only) (1911) ; (Masterpieces of Mystery' (1912) : 'Dark Hollow) (1914); 'The Golden Slipper and other Problems for Violet Strange' (1915) ; (The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow' (1917). Mrs. Rohlfs has also written a drama (Risifi's Daughter) ; a book of verse, 'The Defense of the Bridge, and Other Poems,) and has contributed to the moving picture stage. In this latter field one of her scenarios, a serial, is Number One?) was very billed in 1917. (The Leaven worth Case) and several of her other stories have been dramatized and others have been turned into scenarios.