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GUNDULICH, Ivan, goon'doo-litch, e-van, Illyrian poet : b. Ragusa, 1588; d. 1638. As son of a nobleman his education was most care fully conducted from the earliest childhood by Jesuits and humanists. Later he studied juris prudence and became president of the Ragusan Republic. As a very young man he became ac quainted with Italian and Latin literatures and started his literary career with a good translation in Croatian of Tasso's (Gerusa lemme Liberata,' Preti's timido' and other works. He also wrote original lyric verses imitating slavishly his Italian masters, but his remarkable and original poem in three lung cantos,

cels in beauty of language, harmony, wealth of rhyme, variety of meter, picturesque descrip tions of battlefields and depth of psychologic analysis. It was first published in 1826 and since then has been frequently issued. The Serbians, Croatians and Slovenians see in (Osman' a prophecy of the complete emancipa tion of the Christians from the Ottoman yoke. The lyric part of the poem is undoubtedly the most remarkable production in South Slavic lit erature. In 1893 a magnificent monument was erected by the Ragucans in the centre of the poet's native town. There are several editions of his %Works, the most complete of which is that the South-Slav Academy of Sci ence and Arts 0Stari pisci hrvatski,' Vol. IX). Consult Appendini, (Vita di G. Condola' (Gun dulich) (Ragusa 1828) ; Jansen, (Gundulich' (Goteborg MO) ; Makowcj, (Beitrage zu den Quellen des (Osman" (in Archly fur slavische Philologie, Vol. XXVI, Brunswick 1904).