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W Morgantown

city, suburbs and river

MORGANTOWN, W. Va., city, county seat of Monongalia County, near the northern boundary of the State, on the Monongahela River which is navigable throughout the year, and on the Baltimore and Ohio, the Monon gahela River Railroad and the Morgantown and Kingwood Railroad, 100 miles south of Pittsburgh. Electric trolley lines with a city loop system reach all suburbs, in a region noted for extensive coal and oil fields, glass-sand de posits and limestone quarries, with abundant water power used for electrical manufacturing purposes. Chief of the manufacturing indus tries is the Sabraton plant of the American Sheet and Tin Plate Company established in 1908, employing 900 people with a payroll of over $1,000,000 a year; 12 glassworks employ 2,500 hands with an annual payroll of $2,040, 000; and there are important brickworks, while coal is obtained from 40 mines; all producing a large export and local trade. Besides eight flourishing building and loan associations, Morgantown has six banks with an, aggregate capital and surplus beyond $1,350,000 and de posits of upward of $4,500,000. The city has gas and electric-light and power plants. Mor

gantown's greatest industry is the West Vir ginia State University founded in 1868; its staff is about 200 people, its annual enrolment of regular students reaches 1,200, and of summer students in the agricultural schools 1.400. The library contains over 44,000 volumes. The university, in addition to the Morrell and Hatch funds appropriated by Congress, received from the State for 1919-20 appropriations of $1,250, 000. Six commodious elementary and secondary schools and a high school furnish a perfect educational system. The leading religious denominations are represented by fine churches, including three for the colored population. Cheat River nearby is a summer resort of much scenic beauty and residential suburbs include Westover, Sabraton, Star City, Riverside and Granville. The first settlement was made in 1766 by Nicholas Decker, soon followed by the Morgan family, from whom it takes its name. Morgantown was incorporated in 1838 and re ceived a city charter in 1901. Pop. (1918 est.) 16,000; with suburbs 22,000.