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RUSBY, Henry Hurd, American botanist and educator: b. Franklin, N. J., 26 April 1855. He was educated at the Westfield (Mass.) State Normal School, the Centenary Collegiate Institute, Hackettstown, N. J., the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, and the medical department of New York University; was botanical explorer for the Smithsonian In stitution in the southwestern United States 1880-83, and privately in South America 1885 87 and in 1896, and in Mexico at various times since 1900; has been professor of botany and materia medica in the New York College of Pharmacy since 1888 and for many years dean of its faculty; professor of materia medica at Bellevue 'Medical College and New York Uni versity 1897-1902 and of the principles of stock feeding in the American Veterinary College for many years. He is a member of many learned societies, chairman of the Scientific Directors of the New York Botanical Garden and hon orary curator of the Economic Museum; since 1890, member of the committee for revising the United States Pharmacopoeia. His greatest pub lic services have been as a leader in reforming and standardizing pharmaceutical education in the United States and, as pharmacognosist of the United States Department of Agriculture (1912-17), for examining drugs offered for im port at New York, since 1907, in purifying our foreign drug supplies, in which work he has been the chief agent. For this service he was

elected to membership in the National Insti tute of Social Sciences. He was instrumental in securing the vindication of Dr. Wiley and his associates from charges in 1911 and in eliminat ing his detractors from the Department of Ag riculture. His publications include (1895); 'History of the New York College of Pharmacy) (1895); 'Morphology and Histology of Plants) (1899) ; 'Manual of Botany) (1911) ; many pamphlets on the flora of South America, including the contribution of hundreds of new species and genera, and one family; botany, materia med ica and physiology of the National Pharmaceu tical Syllabus; botany and materia medica of the