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Rush Medical College

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RUSH MEDICAL COLLEGE, located at Chicago, affiliated with the University of Chi cago. It is one of the oldest educational insti tutions in the Northwest, having received its charter in 1837. The first lectures were deliv ered in 1843 and the first building erected in 1844; a larger building was erected on the same site in 1867. This was burned in the Chicago fire of 1871; and the present clinical building was erected in 1875. In 1887 the col lege became the Medical Department of Lake Forest University, retaining its autonomy. This relation, however, was dissolved in April 1898, and in the same month the college was affiliated with the University of Chicago (q.v.). The government of the college is vested in the °perpetual board of trustees) incorporated in 1837, of which the governor of the State, the lieutenant-governor and the speaker of the house of representatives are members ex officio. The board has control of the financial affairs of the college, appoints the faculty and dele gates to the faculty the control of the educa tional work subject to the rules of the university and the approval of the trustees. By the terms of affiliation the board of trustees is composed of members not belonging to the teaching force of the college. In 1899-1900 the Uni versity offered courses corresponding to the work of the freshman year of the Medical Col lege and since 1901 has offered instruction in all of the courses of the first two years of the medical curriculum: in anatomy, neurology.

embryology, physiology, physiological chemis try, chemistry, chemistry of medical drugs, toxi cology, pathology, bacteriology and pharma cology. All the work of the first two years is given at the university only and the work at the college is clinical, that is, the work of the last two years of the medical course. Students who take the first-year courses matriculate and register both as students of Rush Medical Col lege and as students of the university. Many of the courses of the freshman and sophomore years are requited while the courses of the junior and senior years are all elective, a cer tain amount of work in each department, how ever, being required for the degree of M.D. The university provides three fellowships for graduates of the college and offers the degree of B.S. to students who comply with the uni versity requirements for that degree. The buildings of the college, distinct from those of the university, are the clinical building, Senn Hall and the laboratory building. The Presby terian Hospital, adjoining the college, and the Cook County Hospital, opposite the college, afford material for the clinics. The library contains over 21,000 volumes; the students number over 300. The college is open to women as well as men.