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Sir Ross

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ROSS, SIR John, English Arctic explorer : b. Balsarroch, Scotland, 24 June 1777; d. Lon don, 30 Aug. 1856. He entered the navy at 9 and was promoted lieutenant in 1805. His first Arctic expedition was made in 1818, when, v,111 Parry, he made a voyage in search of a northwest passage to the north pole. His second Arctic voyage was made in 1829 in a small vessel equipped at the expense of Sir Felix Booth, high sheriff of London, which proved inadequate for the purpose. The party was frozen up in the ice for four winters, and was rescued in 1833 by Ross's 61d ship, the Isabella, in Lancaster Sound. He was knighted for his services in 1834, and made rear-admiral in 1851. In 1839 he was appointed :consul at Stockholm, and served until 1846. He made an expedition in search of Franklin in 1850. He was the author of (A Voyage of Discovery' (1,819) ; and (Narrative of a Second Voyage inf Search of. a 'North-west Passage (1835): ROSS,..john. or KOOWESKOOWE, In dian chief: b. Georgii, 30 Oct. 1790; d. Wash ington, D. C., 1 Aug. 1866. He was a Cherokee half-breed who became chief of his tribe in 1828. In 1817-19 Georgia attempted to remove die Cherokees from-its borders through a bribe offered to Ross, who had received an English education 'and.' was a man of importance in his tribe. He exp6sed the attempt and con tinued to repulse •the concerted effort of the people of the•State to effect their removal. In

1829 -Ross, as chieftain, • successfully appealed &interne- Court of the United States against the action of the Georgia legislature in expelling his people; nevertheless the Cherokees were banished in '1838, ROSSi Jonathan, American jurist and statesman: •b. Waterford, Vt., 1826; d. Saint Johnsbury, Vt., 22 Feb. 1905. He entered Dart mouth College itt 1847 and was graduated in 1851; his early educationby work ing on his father's farm during the summer, and by teaching school 'during the winter. After graduating, he taught in Craftsbury and was principal 'of the academy at Chelsea, Vt -Meanwhile .he studied law' and was admitted to the Orange County bar in 1856, practising until he was elected in 1870 as assistant judge of the Supreme Court. He was elected chief -judge Judge Ross was State attorney for Caledonia •• County 1862-66, represented Saint Johnsbury in the legislature 1%.5--66, and in 1869 was a member of the last council of censors held' in' the -State. In 1870 he repre sented Calendonia County in the State senate was. for 'several, yegra:a *ember 'of the State board of education, and early in 1899 was ap pointed by Governor Smith to succeed Justin S. Merrill in the United States Senate.