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Aluminium Sulphate

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ALUMINIUM SULPHATE (Formula Al 3(SO, ), 8H 0.)—Formed by dissolving aluminium hydroxide or sulphuric acid. It is sometimes recommended as a substitute for alum for hardening gelatine prints and emulsions.

dictionary meaning of the word amateur is "One who follows any science, art or occupation, not from pecuniary motives, but from a love of it, and who, as a rule, is not so proficient in it as if he had to depend upon it for a livelihood." An amateur photographer has been designates} " a spoiler of photographic dry plates "; but it is nevertheless true that a large number of the great body of amateur photographers have succeeded in turning out very high-class work, and, except in portraiture, often superior to that of professionals. This is no doubt owing to the fact that they are able to give more time and attention to details than the ever-busy professional photographer. Nor do a great many of them object to making a little money with their labor. The question as to whether these have any right to the title of

"amateur" has already occupied many columns of the photographic journals, but, apparently no definite decision can be arrived at.

With the wet collodion process of photography there were few amateurs. On the intro duction of the dry-plates, however, and the many improvements with regard to the apparatus in order to make it as portable as possible, photography has been made to yield delight to thou sands of men and women in this country, for the members of the fair sex do not intend to be left behind—they are often possessed of artistic taste to a considerable degree, and have the advantage over men with their natural neatness and dexterity. It must also be stated that to amateur photographers is due the credit of a very great number of inventions and improvements.