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Librarian of Congress

copyright, copy, published, record, title, law and notice

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LIBRARIAN OF CONGRESS, Washington, D. C., to perfect the copyright.

The freight or postage must be prepaid, or the publications inclosed in parcels covered by printed Penalty Labels, furnished by the Librarian, in which case they will come FREE by mail (not express), without limit of weight, according to ruling of the Post Office Department. Books must be printed from type set or plates made in the United States; photographs from negatives made in the United States ; chromos and lithographs from drawings on stone or transfers there from made in the United States.

Without the deposit of copies above required the copyright is void, and a penalty of $25 is incurred. No copy is required to be deposited elsewhere.

The law requires one copy of each new edition, wherein any substantial changes are made, to be deposited with the Librarian of Congress.

4. No copyright is valid unless notice is given by inserting in every copy published, on the title page or the page following, if it be a book ; or if a map, chart, musical composition, print, cut, engraving, photograph, painting, drawing, chromo, statue, statuary. or model or design intended to be perfected as a work of the fine arts, by inscribing upon some portion thereof, or on the substance on which the same is mounted, the following words, viz.: "Entered according to act of Congress in the year , by , in the office of the Librarian of Congress, at ton," or at the option of the person entering the copyright, the words : "" The law imposes a penalty of $ioo upon any person who has not obtained copyright who shall insert the notice "Entered according to act of Congress," or "Copyright," etc., or words of the same import, in or upon any book or other article.

5. The copyright law secures to authors and their assigns the exclusive right to translate or to dramatize any of their works ; no notice or record is required to enforce this right.

6. The original term of copyright runs for twenty-eight years. Within six months before the end of that time, the author or designer, or his widow or children, may secure a renewal for the further term of fourteen years, making forty-two years in all. Applications for renewal must

be accompanied by a printed title and fee ; and by explicit statement of ownership, in the case of the author, or of relationship, in the case of his heirs, and must state definitely the date and place of entry of the original copyright. Within two months of date of renewal the record thereof must be advertised in an American newspaper four weeks.

7. The time of publication is not limited by any law or regulation, but the courts have held that it should take place within a reasonable time. A copyright may be a pro jected as well as for a complete work. But the law provides for no caveat, or notice of interfer ence—only for actual entry of title.

8. Copyrights are assignable by any instrument of writing. Such assignment, to be valid, is to be recorded in the office of the Librarian of Congress within sixty days from execution. The fee for this record and certificate is one dollar, and for a certified copy of any record of assignment, one dollar.

9. A copy of the record (or duplicate certificate) of any copyright entry will be furnished under seal of the office, at the rate of fifty cents each.

1o. In the case of books published in more than one volume, or of periodicals published in numbers, or of engravings, photographs, or other articles published with variations, a copy right must be entered for each volume or part of a book, or number of a periodical, or variety, as to style, title, inscription, of any other article. To complete the copyright on a book published serially in a periodical, two copies of each serial part as well as of the complete work (if published separately), should be deposited.

t. To secure copyright for a painting, statue, model or design intended to be perfected as a work of the fine arts, a definite title and description must accompany the application for copyright, and a mounted photograph of the same, as large as "cabinet size," mailed to the Libra rian of Congress not later than the day of publication of the work or design.

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