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Strontium Iodide

light, studio and length

STRONTIUM IODIDE, (Formula yellowish-brown needles, soluble in water and alcohol. Sometimes used as an iodizer for collodion.

STUDIO.—The old-fashioned idea that any room with a top and side light constituted an efficient studio has long since been abandoned, and considerable attention is now paid by photog raphers in the construction of the studio, so as to get the best results. Locality is an important point, as the quality, not the quantity or intensity, of the light is the important point. The usual instructions are that one part should be open to the north, another to the east, a third to the west, and the south side should be closed. In some cases, however, a side light will be impossible; care should then be taken that the inclination of the top light is towards the north. Every attempt should be made to facilitate and perfect the lighting of the model. There is more art in this than many imagine. A soft light is what is necessary.

The skylight should be perfectly rain-proof, and arranged with adjustable blinds, enabling the operator to reduce or increase the amount of light from any part.

Various other contrivances are used for arranging the light upon the sitter, such as hand screens, reflectors, curtains, screens in frames, etc.

The accessories should be carefully and cautiously chosen. The fearful and wonderful furniture never seen outside a photographer's is gradually being discarded, and the best photog raphers are beginning to find that the finest results are obtainable with the most simple acces sories.

The length of the studio must be in accordance with the length of the focus of the lenses employed and vice versa. The accompanying table* gives the minimum length of studio for lenses of various foci to obtain images of different sizes.