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camera, operator, plate and finder

VIEW FINDER.A little instrument used in instan taneous photography. In photographing rapidly moving ob jects it is necessary that some means should be employed to enable the operator to see whether or not the object will appear in its proper position on the plate. With a finder attached to the camera it is possible to see exactly when the object is in position on the plate, the shutter is instantly released and the picture secured.

There are various kinds of finders on the market, the usual form being that of a small camera obscura.

Wall gives a method in which the focusing screen is used. When turned back over the top of the camera, it should have the lines drawn on it, as shown in Fig. 477. Then when the eye is placed at A looking along AB, the object when opposite this will be in the center of the plate, and CAD is the angle included by the tens. (See also View Meter.) The Scovill Magic Finder is a neat contriv ance easily adjustable. (Fig. 479.) Looking through the finder from the proper distance, toward the view to be taken, the operator sees before him a correct, right side up, and delightfully brilliant and sharp miniature picture of the view before him, the little frame taking in the full picture projected by means of an instantaneous lens on the ground glass of his camera. Two circles,

marked in the exact centers of the front and back surfaces of the combination, serve to enable the operator to bring any Certain part of the view to the exact center of the picture by placing the eye so that the two circles cover each other, and at the same time adjusting the camera so that the selected part of the view appears inside the circles.

Figs. 48o and 481 show a new finder which may be used either by reflection or direct vision. There is only one position in which to place the eye for the correct location of the subject upon the plate. The camera should be so held that the cross lines on the two glasses are superposed.


VIEW METER.An instrument for readily ascertaining the amount of view that will be depicted upon the ground glass with the lens used. Thus the operator can see the view at a glance without the trouble of setting up and arranging the apparatus. In some view meters the landscape is seen. through blue glass, which practically reduces the different colors to monochrome, so that the operator can get a better idea of the actinic powers of the lights and shades of the proposed view.