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Very Rev William Daniel Conybeare

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*CONYBEA.RE, VERY REV. WILLIAM DANIEL, Dean of Llandaff, was born at his father's rectory, St. Botolph'a, Bishopsgate, 7th of June 1787. He entered Christchurch College, Oxfam], in January 1805, and took his degrees B.A. in 1808, and A.A. in 1811. Mr. Conybeare was one of the earliest promoters of the Oeological Society, and the important services ha has rendered to geological science may be seen in his numerous papers printed in the Society's ' Transactions.' He is the discoverer of the Plesiosaurus, that strangest of all the antediluvian monsters, and for his descriptions of the animal Cuvier paid him the highest compliment that can be offered by one scientific philosopher to another. His papers on the coal-fields, giving a description of the physical geography of important districts, estab lishing the relations of some of the most remarkable British rocks, and their order of superposition, have ever siuce furnished data for practical purposes, and shown bow the absurd mistakes of mining speculators were to be avoided. As will be seen from the subjoined titles, his researches have extended to various branches of inquiry. his first paper presented to the Geological Society is On the Origin of a remarkable class of Organic Impressions occurring in Nodules of Flint,' vol. ii., 1814 ; 'Descriptive Notes referring to the Outline of Sections presented by a part of the Coasts of Autrim and Derry,' voL iii., 1816, made in a tour conjointly with the Rev. Dr. Buckland,

Dean of Westminster; Notice of the Discovery of a New Fossil Animal, forming a link between the Ichthyosaurus and Crocodile,' &a, vol. v., 1821. In vol. i., new series, 1824, further notices are given, and On the discovery of an almost perfect Skeleton of the Plesio saurus ; and the same volume contains Observations on the South western Coal District of England,' written jointly with the Dean of Westminster; Extraordinary Landslip and great convulsion of the Coast near Axmouth; Jamesou'a Edin. Journal,' 1840; On the Phenomena of Geology which seem to bear most directly on Theo retical speculations," Phil. Mag.,' vols. viii. and ix., second series ; ' On the Structure and Extent of the South-Welsh Coal Basin,' ib. vol. xi. ; ' Outlines of the Geology of England and Wales ; with an introductory Compendium of the general principles of that Scioace,' &c. 8vo, London, 1822 (jointly with W. Phillips). lie also drew up the 'Report on the Progress, actual state, and ulterior prospects of Geological Science,' published in the first volume of the 'Reports of the British Association.' Mr. Conybeare was elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 1819. Ha is a fellow of the Geological Society, and corresponding member of the Institute of France. Ha became Dean of Llandati iu 1845, having previously been public preacher in his own university, and Bampton lecturer in 1839.