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Ranean Region of Chile 860

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RANEAN REGION OF CHILE 860. A good rich land.—This region lies between 30° and 42° south. Where, on the coast of North America, would be a region equally far from the equator? Like California (Sec. 182), this part of Chile has winter rain and summer drought. So have Spain and Italy. All the tropical and sub-tropical products that grow in Spain and California can also be grovin in this South American California. Also, Chile is like California in having a great interior valley that lies be tween low coast ranges and a higher inland mountain mass. Most of the people of Chile live there, because the climate is delightful and the people can raise many good food crops. A railroad extends the entire length of this valley. It has several branches to the small ports, and from these places ships carry foo.d to the desert ports on the nitrate coast.

This part of Chile has about as many people as California. As in California, you can look out across the fertile valley and see to the eastward the snowcapped mountains, from which comes water for irrigation and for water power. Now that coal is so high

in price, the Chileans are doing as the people of California have done—they are using mountain waterfalls to produce electricity with which to run their factories, street cars, and electric lights.

In Chile, as in California, the climate is healthful. The people are energetic. They, and the Argentinians, are the most progres sive people of South America. The Chileans have one of the best governments on that con tinent. They call themselves the "Yankees of South America," and pride themselves on having good schools. The chief center of population is near Santiago, the capital, and Valparaiso, the chief port. Farther south, near Valdivia, there are large settle ments of Germans, and many Indians of a strong, proud race, who are called Arauca nians.