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Menendez De Aviles

saint, attacked and spain

MENENDEZ DE AVILES, uiiie-uiin'dAth 1319-74 . The founder of Saint Augustine. Fla. Ile was horn at Avi in Asturias. Spain. Philip 11, placed him in command of the fleet which escorted the treasure vessels to and from the \Vest Spearing a grant of Florida with the title of Adelantado or tIovernor. he set sail. June 29, 1565. with nineteen vessels carrying fifteen hun dred settlers, with orders to occupy the country and expel the Freneh, who were making this headquarters fe r privateering. Ili Saint Augtrs tine's day, '2,*?th. \lenendez discovered the harbor. on \chose shores. on September fdli, he began to build a fort, around Which the present city of that name has gto‘111 up. litre the French lluguenots under Ilihaut Op'. I attacked him, hut a harrie.tne drove them off, and before they could return to their settlement at font Ca reline ell the Saint John's River, Menendez attacked that post and massacred cue 'Mildred and fortyl WO of the rti,011. The Frellel) fleet meanwhile had 1 Its n wrecked, and the trews were forced to sur render to Menendez, M hO 1)10 it hundred and eighty of them to death. 1n 1367 Menendez re

t limed to Spain. and during his absence. in April, his colony was attacked by a French fleet under Dominique de (lounges, who hanged a num ber of Spaniards. Meanwhile Menendez had al ready started bark. sailing from San Lucas 011 Jlarch 3t11 W it 11 supplies and reinforeements.with which he reestablished Saint Augustine. He had been appointed (ioveruor of Cuba, and his efforts during the next few years were mainly devoted to that island and the gulf mainland. In 1570 lie sent an expedition to the Chesapeake, which ascended the Potomac and built a chapel on the Rappahannoek, where the party were killed by the Indians. In 1572 Menendez revisited Florida and went on to the Chesapeake, where he cap tared several Indians supposed to have taken part in the massacre of his colony two years previously. and hanged them. Philip II. soon after this recalled him to Spain, where he died at Santander. September 17, 1574.