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Mino Da Fiesole

florence, renaissance and busts

MINO DA FIESOLE, me'n4 dal fy5W?dtt (1431-84). A Florentine sculptor of the Early Renaissance. He was born at Poppi in the Casentino Valley. While employed as a stone mason at Florence he became the friend and pupil of Desiderio di Settignano. 1H, home was at Florence, but there is documentary evidence to that he was employed at Rome in 1454. 1463. and 1-16-1. From 1475 till 1480 he was employed upon the monument to Pope Sixtus IV., of which there are fragments in the Grotte Vaticane, under Saint Peter's Church, lie died at Florence. July 11, 1154. His work possesses beauty and delicate finish. but is laeking, in originality. Its high reputation is due to rich decoration and to a certain of expression. especially in his numerous portrait busts, which are his best work. His chief works are in the churches of Florence. Fiesole, and Rome. His most important achievements in Florence are in the Chureh of La Badia : the monuments of Bernardo Giugni (1406) and of the Margrave Hugo of Tuscany (1481).

In the Museo Nazionale at Florence are busts of Piero de' Medici (1153). Giuliano de' Medici, and Rinaldo deltic Luna (1461). (hie of hi-, best, if not his most im prta la work, belongs to his early period: the monument of Leonardo Salutate, Ilishop of Resole (d. 1466), in the cathedral of that city; it is surmounted by a line bust. A beautiful piece of Renaissance decora tion is the Tabernacle at Santa Maria in Traste vere, Rome, in which city is also his monument of Cardinal Ponteguerra itt Santa Cecilia. His other works include busts of Niceoh) StrOiii, in the Museum of Berlin; San Giovannino, in the Louvre; and live reliefs in South Kensington Museum. Consult Semper and Barth, //crrorra ocnde Bad in• r-Arcliitekten der Renaissance (Dresden. 1 SSO) .