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MONTANELLI, mAn'ta-ni•I'l.%, (1813-02). An Italian author and statesman, horn at Fuceechio. January 21, 1513. Ile studied law at Pisa and began to practice there. compos ing meanwhile the verses which appeared in a small volume at. Florence in 1837. Ile became professor of commercial law in the University of Pisa, identified himself with the Liberal Party there, and with two co0perators founded L'Italia, a periodical. After the rising of 1849 he became one of a triumvirate which also included Guer razzi and Nlazzini. the dictatorship passed into the hands of tkierrazzi, :Montanelli went on a mission to Paris. whene he remained, prac tically in exile. for some ten years. During this period he wrote a number of his works: a poem, La tentaz-ione : a tragedy. ('ininia: and a few political and historical treatises: the ,5chiar fait nti process° politico contro i/ minister° democratic° (1852); the .1 ppunt i storici sone

riroluzionr it aliana 11859) ; and the most note worthy of all his writings, the Mrmorir suit' Italia e .cpcciulm,nts sulla Toscana dal 'SI j of (1853). Ile returned to Italy in 1859 and advocated the formation of a central Italian kingdom. lie was a deputy to the Tuscan As sembly. but there he accomplished little, for all parties looked upon him with distrust and he found himself with hardly any adherents. In L'Impero, it papato e la democra::ia in Italia (1859) he defended his own stamlpoint. Having founded the short-lived Nuora Europa, he entered the Italian Parliament in 1861, and died June 17. 1862. Consult: lkli, Micordo biografim di Giuseppe Montanelli (Florence. I883): Proven zal, Alla cam inemoria di Giuseppe lion to nelli (Leghorn, 1862).