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MONTPELLIER, mr?N'prl'itli'. The capital of the Department of France. 011 the Lez, and an important railroad junction, 480 miles south of Paris, 76 miles northwest of Mar seilles, and 7 miles from the Mediterranean (\lap: France, K 8). Montpellier has an impos ing appearance, seen from a distanee; its suburbs are clean and well built, but the older portion of the town has dark and narrow streets. Boule vards hare replaced the ancient walls and medi awal fortifications, of which the only remains are the citadel and the twelfth-century Tour de la Ilabotte. The prineipal attraction is the Pey rou or publie square on 11101 ground commanding splendid views of the Alps. the Cevennes. the Pyrenees, and the Mediterranean, and ornamented with a triumphal arch and statue, both commemorating Louis XIV. The waterworks, water tower. and aqueduct, having a double arched structure 2893 feet long. are monumental features. The most noteworthy hmildings are the cathedral. the theatre, the exchange. the halls of justice, the prefecture. the observatory. and the university buildings. Montpellier has a botanical garden, the oldest in Europe, a public library of 120.000 volumes, a pharmaceutical school, an agricultural school, and a museum containing a line collection of paintings and curios. The climate is mild, and the city is a favorite winter resort for invalids. Railways to Marseilles,

Cette, and other ports, besides various canals. facilitate commercial and social intercourse, and few cities of the Republic hold out greater at tractions in regard to intellectuaI culture. Among the industries the making of wine is the most important. 'Machinery, chemicals, corks, sugar. leather, cotton, and woolen goods are manufactured. and the city is noted for its fine confectionery: this industry, as also the manu facture of various novelties, is in the hands of the Jews. There is an trade in manu factured articles, wine. olive oil. and fruits. Founded in the eighth century, Alontpellier began to prosper in the twelfth century, when its school of medicine acquired fame. It had a stirring his tory in the Middle Ages. during which it was for a time under the rule of Aragon. Majorca. and Navarre. before its final union with France to ward the close of the fourteenth century. Comte. the philosopher. was born at .Montpellier. POIM 1:111011. in 19111). 75.950. Consult: .\iggefenil2e. llistoirc dc .Montpellier ( Montpellier, 1577-55) ; r:uirand. Re cherches topographiques stir .Mont pr r 1595) ; FehrO, Ilistoire dc Montpellier (ib., 1597).