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ARBITRATION. A common provision in poli cies for all kinds of insurance is one for compulsory arbitration in case of differei,_.! between the parties as to the amount of loss. Such a provision has been held void as oust ing the court of its jurisdiction; Baldwin v. Accident Ass'n, 21 Misc. 124, 46 N. Y. Supp. 1016 ; contra, Western Assur. Co. v. Hall, 112 Ala. 318, 20 South. 447; Wolff v. Ins. Co., 50 N. J. L. 453, 14 Atl. 561. An award is not required as a condition precedent to a right of action, but a refusal for• a demand of appraisal may be set up as a bar ; Davis v. Assur. Co., 16 Wash. 232, 47 Pac. 436, in which rehearing was denied ; 47 Pac. 885; but it has been held a condition precedent; McNees v. Ins. Co., 69 Mo. App. 232; Scot tish Union & National Ins. Co. v. Clancy, 71 Tex. 5, 8 S. W. 630 ; but not unless request ed in writing; Davis v. Ins. Co., 96 Ia. 70, 64 N. W. 687; and it is inoperative where no arbitrators are agreed upon; 2Etna Co. v. McLead, 57 Kan. 95, 45 Pac. 73, 57 Am. St. Rep. 320; and is not applicable to a case of total loss ;, Rosenwald v. Ins. Co., 50 Hun 172, 3 N. Y. Supp. 215; or to the portion of the insured property totally de stroyed ; Lang v. Fire Co., 12 App. Div. 39, 42 N. Y. Supp. 539 ; or where the insurer de nies liability ; Nelson v. Ins. Co., 120 N. C. 302, 27 S. E. 38 ; or in case of total loss under valued policy acts; Seyk v. Ins. Co., 74 Wis. 67, 41 N. W. 443, 3 L. R. A. 523; German Ins. Co. of Freeport v. Eddy, 36 Neb. 461, 54 N. W. 856, 19 L. R. A. 707 ; Jacobs v. Ins. Co., 61 Mo. App. 572. Formal notice of the

proceedings of appraisers is not necessary to a party who has knowledge of them; Remington Paper Co. v. Assur. Corp., 12 App. Div. 218, 43 N. Y. Supp. 431. A valua tion by the company's adjuster and builders selected by the insured is an appraisal with in the policy, without previous effort to agree upon the loss ; London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co. v. Storrs, 71 Fed. 120, 17 C. C. A. 645. • Appraisers cannot determine the construc tion of the policy ; Michel v. Ins. Co., 17 APP. Div. 87, 44 N. Y. Supp. 832; and the award may be set aside where it is grossly below the actual loss ; Royal Ins. Co. v. Parlin & Orendorff Co., 12 Tex. Civ. App. 572, 34 S. W. 401 ; but not for a mere mistake, not ap pearing on its face; Remington Paper Co. V Assur. Corp. of England, 12 App. Div. 218, 43 N. Y. Supp. 431; and it need not state the manner of arriving at the result ; id.

Loss of a member (in accident insurance) has taken place, according to the weight of authority, if the use of the member has been permanently lost, as by paralysis ; 3 Willh. & Beck, Med. Jurispr. 140, citing Sheanon v. Ins. Co., 77 Wis. 618, 46 N. W. 799, 9 L. R. A. 685, 20 Am. St. Rep. 151; Sueck v. Ins. Co„ 88 Hun 94, 34 N. Y. Supp. 545 ; Sis son v. Supreme Court of Honor, 104 Mo. App. 54, 78 S. W. 297; contra, Stevers v. Ins. Ass'n, 150 Pa. 132, 24 Atl. 662, 16 L. R. A. 446, if the member can be used by means of an appliance, though not without.

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