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Poun D

mass, vt, pick and pound

POUN D. A place, enclosed by public au thority, for the temporary detention of stray animals. Gilmore v. Holt, 4 Pick. (Mass.) 258; Brightman v. Grinnell, 9 Pick. (Mass.) 14.

Animals may not be impounded unless they are suffered by the owner to run at large, within the strict construction of the statute ;. Adams v. Nichols, 1 Aik. (Vt.) 316; if the impounding is illegal, they can be re covered by the owner; Morse v. Reed, 28 Me. 481; Mellen v. Moo&y, 23 Vt. 674. If it is legal, the owner must pay the costs imposed ; Mahler v. Holden, 20 Ill. 363; and the pound-keeper need not deliver over the animals until all legal charges are paid ; Folger v. Hinckley, 5 Cush. (Mass.) 263; Keith v. Bradford, 39 Vt. 34; the impounder has the right to use the some force to main tain his possession as a sheriff has to pro tect his possession under legal process; Bar rows v. Fassett, 36 Vt. 625.

Where the proper officer finds cattle run ning at large in public streets, he may pur sue them upon private property ; Mosher v. Jewett, 63 Me. 84; but when a man finds strange cattle in his field, he is not bound to impound or retain them for the owner, but may drive them off into the highway ; Stev ens v. Curtis, 18 Pick. (Mass.) 227; if, how ever, he impounds, he must feed and water them properly, according to the usage of the country and good husbandry ; Adams v. Adams, 13 Pick. (Mass.) 384; he must pro ceed strictly according to the statute, or he will be a trespasser; Fitzwater v. Stout, 16

Pa. 22 ; notice must be given before the im pounded animal can be sold; Newhouse v. Hatch, .126 Mass. 364; and such notice must state the legal charges; Pickard v. Howe, 12 Metc. (Mass.) 198. Laws authorizing the impounding and sale of stock without no tice or judicial investigation are held to be unconstitutional as authorizing a sale of private property without due prOcess of law ; Rockwell v. Nearing, 35 N. Y. 302 ; Rose v. Hardie, 98 N. C. 44, 4 S. E. 41; An derson v. Locke, 64 Miss. 283, 1 South. 251; but it has been held that such laws are valid under the police power ; Wilcox v. Hem ming, 58 Wis. 144, 15 N. W. 435, 46 Am. Rep. 625. See ANIMAL ; ESTRAY ; RUNNING AT LARGE.

Weights. See WEIGHTS.

Money. The sum of twenty shillings. Previous to the establishment of the fed eral currency, the different states made use of the pound in computing money: it was of different value in the several states.

Pound Sterling is a denomination of mon ey of Great Britain. It is of the value of a sovereign (q. v.). In calculating the rates of duties, the pound sterling shall be taken as of the value of four dollars and eighty six cents and six and one-half mills, and the pound sterling of Ireland at four dollars and ten cents; U. S. R. S. 3565.