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Ser Vitus

servitus, inst, neighbors and dig

SER VITUS (Lat.). In Roman Law. Servi tude; slavery; a state of bondage; a dis position of the law of nations by which, against common right, one man has been sub jected dominion of another. Inst. 1. 2. 3 ; Bracton 4 b; Co. Litt. 116.

A service or servitude ; a burden imposed by law, or the agreement of parties, upon one estate for the advantage of another, or for the benefit of another person than the owner.

Servitus actus, a right of way on horse back or in a carriage. Inst. 2. 3. pr.

Scrvitus altius non tollendi, a servitude preventing the owner of a house from build ing higher than his neighbor. Inst. 2. 3. 4; Paterson, Comp.

Scrvitus aqua' ducendce, a right of leading water to one's own land over that of anoth er. Inst. 2. 3. pr.

Servitus aquce edueendce, a right of con ducting water from one's own land upon a neighbor's. Dig. 8. 3. 29.

Seroitas aquas hauricndce, a right of draw ing water from another's spring or well. Inst. 2. 3. 2.

Servitus cloacce mittendm, a right of hav ing a sewer through a neighbor's estate. Dig. 8. 1. 7.

Servitus fumi immittendi, a right of con ducting smoke or vapor through a neighbor's chimney or over his ground. Dig. 8. 5. 8.

Servitus itineris. a right of way on horse back or in a carriage. This includes a servi tus actus. Inst. 2. 3.

Serritus luminum, a right to have an open place for receiving light into a chamber or other room. Domat, 1. 1. 4; Dig. 8. 2. 4.

Scrvitus oneris ferendi, a servitude of sup-' porting a neighbor's building.

Servitus pascendi, a right of pasturing one's cattle on another's lands. Inst. 2. 3. 2.

Servitus pccoris ad aquam adpulsws, a right of driving one's cattle on a neighbor's land to water.

Servitus nrcedii rustici, a rural servitude. Servittis prcedii urbani, an urban servi tude.

Set-Wits prcediorum, a servitude on one es tate for the benefit of another. 'See PRiEnLE.

Servitus projiciendi, a right of building a projection into the open space belonging to a neighbor. Dig. 8. 2. 2.

Servitus prospectus, a right of prospect. Dig. 8. 2. 15. This may be either to give one a free prospect over his neighbor's land, or to prevent a neighbor from having a prospect over one's own land. Domat, 1. 1. 6.

Servitus stillicidii, a right of having the water drip from the eaves of one's house up on a neighbor's house or ground.

Servitus tigni immittendi, a right of insert ing beams in a neighbor's wall. Inst. 2. 3. L 4; Dig. 8. 2. 2.

Servitus vice, a right of way on foot or horseback, or with a loaded beast or wagon, over a neighbor's estate. Inst. 2. 3.

See, generally, Inst. 2. 3; Dig. 8. 2; Diet. de Jur.; Domat. Civ. Law; Bell, Diet.; Washb. Easem.; Gale, Easem.; Jones, Easem.